We have been involved in the food and wine business for a little over 40 years, from ownership and management to working virtually every position in the business. Jack Tanksley was General Manager of one of the largest grossing restaurants East of the Mississippi instituting one of the largest and most profitable restaurant wine programs in Florida. He has trained as a chef as well, including a stint at a Master Chef school in Ursenwang, Germany.


Jack was Vice President of one of the largest wineries in the US, Fetzer Vineyards with ultimate responsibility for 400,000 cases. In 2007 Jack formed Vintopia Wine Brokers and was instrumental in the wine sourcing, label design, compliance and fulfillment for dozens of labels. He is very skilled at food and wine pairing including creative pairing of foods not normally associated with wine.


Jack served as co-host with Brian Van Bower on the food and wine radio "The Good Life" for four years. As a founding member of the American Institute of Wine and Food, South Florida Chapter, he had the chance to host, with some of it's members, Julia Childs 80th birthday.


Jack believes that wine is food and that is shown in the choices he makes and the sharing of his skill and knowledge with the public.


If you would like to have private/control wine labels and wine based on your own flavor profiles please contact Jack Tanksley at Vintopia - 404-428-5455.

Chef Robert Irvine - Jack Tanksley - Iron Chef Jeffrey Zarkarian

Jim Fetzer - Jack Tanksley

Iron Chef Masharu Morimoto - Jack Tanksley