Fulfillment can be accomplished in a number of ways. There are some states, such as Florida, that allow direct sales to accounts. Accounts order from the wine source and are shipped directly. This works well with customers that are introduced to a wine and then order directly but this can eliminate the person to person contact. This method can be valuable to smaller producers that don't wish to have a direct sales force or go through a distributor.


This also works for wines sales over the Internet through consumer wine clubs.



Wine distributors are the main source of wine sales. They maintain warehousing, sales staffs, delivery and direct contact with accounts both on and off premise. Selecting the right distributor to represent your wines in the marketplace is a crucial decision.


Vintopia has contacts with many distributors both national in scope and also regional distributors. There are distributors that are willing to "clear" your wines for a nominal fee but usually require you to purchase other wines in their portfolios to offset their costs..