We source wine in three ways from wineries. One, we ask for a particular blend, based on a desired flavor profile, made expressly for us. Another way is for us to taste various samples from barrels or stainless containers, have the winery bottle the juice, then taste with our customers.


Lastly, we purchase shiners, which are unlabeled wines (they shine) bottled and corked that we label with our own designs. "Shiners" are either wines that the winery hasn't sold as part of their line or wine that the winery sells to the bulk market.


Bulk Market


The bulk market consists of wines that wineries make but do not intend to sell through distributors or a sales force. Many branded wines in the marketplace do not come from actual wineries but are crafted from bulk wines made by winemakers and sold to distributors or accounts as control labels.


This method gives great flexibility but demands closer monitoring of flavor profiles as well as taste consistency in future vintages to insure a brand retains its taste characteristics year in and year out.